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Fic: "Triangle" - markroger3somes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fic: "Triangle" [Jul. 24th, 2006|09:54 pm]


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[music |"I'll Cover You (Reprise)" -- RENT]

Title: Triangle
Author: Holly [bohemian21]
Feedback: *sings* "Pretty poison like feedback and I flail in your wake, awash in the overtones..."
Pairing: Roger/April, Roger/Mark/April
Word Count: 960.
Rating: NC-17!
Genre: Smut! [with a touch of humour.]
Summary: "Aww, Mark, you don't have to go."
Notes: This was originally written for speed_rent challenge #150, where it won second place! This was also written for fanfic100 prompt #42: Triangle. [I own Roger at fanfic100.]
Special Thanks: To elvensorceress and lionessvalenti, for being the other two parts of this triangle.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Smut of multiple varieties.
Disclaimer: I don't own emotion, I RENT.

Roger sat on the couch, staring blankly at the ceiling. His fingers idly picked at the strings of his guitar, creating a slow, lazy melody.

“I like it.”

His fingers stilled as he sat up in surprise. He smiled as his eyes met the sparkling grey ones in front of him. He set the guitar down alongside of the couch as April sat down beside him. “It’s not finished yet.”

“That’s okay. It’s still pretty.” April smiled and scooted closer.

Roger grinned, and leaned over to capture her lips in a kiss. She moved so she was on top of him, sitting astride his legs. April pulled back, and flashed him a wicked grin, before pulling his shirt over his head, and sending it sailing in the general direction of their bedroom door.

She kissed a line from his lips down his neck to his collarbone, nipping at a particularly sensitive spot. Roger shivered and pushed her back a little roughly, in order to pull off her shirt.

Roger’s lips were on April’s neck, and April’s hands were on the button of Roger’s jeans when they both froze.

The door to the loft slid open. “Oh, God, I’m sorry. I’ll… Uh… I’ll leave you two alone,” Mark sputtered, wide-eyed.

April sat up and smiled. “Aww, Mark, you don’t have to go.” She stood, crossing the room to where he hovered in the doorway. She took his camera out of his hand, placing it on the table, before placing her other hand on his cheek. “You could come join us,” she purred, trailing her hand down the side of his neck.

Mark’s eyes widened when April’s hands touched him, and widened even further with her invitation. He shot a brief glance at Roger, who blushed slightly, before smiling and shrugging. Mark’s eyes all put fell out of his head when April replaced her fingers with her lips.

April flashed an evil grin at each boy, before taking Mark’s hand and leading him over to the couch. “You are overdressed,” she stated, pulling a shirt over the head of a very speechless Mark. He sat down on the couch, not taking his eyes off April, and consequently almost sitting on Roger.

Roger grinned, not quite believing what was happening. He put one hand on Mark’s side, while pulling April in for a kiss. Feeling Mark tremble slightly under his touch, he gently pushed April back, and turned his attention to the man sitting beside him. Roger’s lips gently met the side of Mark’s neck, causing Mark to whimper slightly, and tremble even more than he had been before. Roger trailed his kisses up, along Mark’s jaw line, gently biting his earlobe.

Mark gasped audibly, and Roger captured Mark’s lips with his own. Mark’s hands wound themselves into Roger’s hair, pulling the other boy closer. Roger’s hands landed on either side of Mark’s face.

April gently kissed Mark’s shoulder and Roger’s hand, before returning her attention to Roger’s fly. She pressed a kiss just below Roger’s belly button, before undoing the button on his jeans and slowly lowering the zipper. She freed his cock from his boxers and wrapped her hand around it, stroking him slowly and running her tongue over the tip.

Roger moaned into Mark’s mouth before pulling back, causing Mark to whimper. “No,” Roger breathed, touching April’s cheek. “No, I… I want…” He trailed off, gasping in surprise as Mark pressed a kiss to a sensitive spot just below his ear.

April grinned. “Okay, baby,” she said, running a finger down Roger’s chest. “Whatever you want. I’ll just have to find another way to occupy myself.” She kissed Roger softly before turning her attention to Mark. She repeated her earlier ministrations on Mark, softly kissing his stomach, before undoing his pants and pulling his cock out. Roger’s hands reached around, and started to slide Mark’s jeans and boxers down his thighs. April took over, removing the rest of his clothing, as Roger removed his own.

April kissed Mark, as Roger procured a condom and a bottle of lube. He rolled the condom on, and poured some lube into his hand. He gently rubbed some of it onto his cock, amazed at how hard he was, before softly kissing the back of Mark’s neck, and slowly inserting a lubed finger. Mark stiffened, moaning loudly into April’s mouth. Roger murmured soft words of reassurance in Mark’s ear, adding another finger. After a moment, Mark relaxed, moaning softly.

“Ready?” Roger whispered in his ear, before kissing just behind it.

“Yes, Roger, yes,” Mark nearly growled, as Roger continued to move his fingers and April slowly kissed her way down his chest.

Roger placed his hands on Mark’s hips and gently kissed his shoulder blade before slowly sliding into him. Mark cried out, caused both by the feeling of Roger inside of him, and by April’s mouth surrounding his own cock.

April and Roger worked together, setting a fast-paced rhythm. Mark was unable to suppress his cries, as the sensations from both sides washed over him. The pressure built up, until Mark couldn’t take it anymore.

Mark cried out wordlessly, before finding the word he wanted to shout. “Roger!” he screamed, over and over, as he came. “Roger! Roger!”


“Roger. Roger!” Mark put his hand on Roger’s shoulder and shook him gently.

“Huh?” Roger grunted, his voice thick with sleep. He glanced around, disoriented.

“You were really out, there,” Mark said with a grin. “C’mon. We’re supposed to meet Collins at the Life in half an hour.” Roger stared at Mark, wide-eyed, remembering what he had just seen. “Are you okay, Rog?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” Roger shook his head in an attempt to clear out the images there. “Just a strange dream, that’s all.”

X-posted to speed_rent, fanfic100, markroger3somes and bohemian21.